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A bottom is bared for Catherine de Medici – a report by Fly on the Wall

(Being an occasional excerpt from  Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown)   By Fly on the Wall Now the evening’s entertainment proceeds to its historic conclusion. From among the serving wenches one is chosen by popular acclaim and indeed, through the perspective of four thousand lenses all of which have been evaluating the contenders, […]

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Catherine visits a wheelchair dominatrix

(Being the third of occasional excerpts from my novel) By this time, although the beauty of her work was impressive, I find my thoughts drifting to the rattan, the business end of the product. I remember how it felt to wield it, the empowerment, the swishing sound it makes through the air. I felt suddenly […]

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…and risqué letters

I left you a few weeks ago, dear readers, on Pimlico Road as I had just set out on my UK odyssey to bring the world of Spank to my fellow Brits. I realize, however, that if I really want to sell my novel here, I’d be better off to leave Pimlico and head north […]

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Why I’m looking for a miracle

Those of us who have made a living from writing—in my case for over fifty years—probably look at the craft a little differently from others. It’s usually been a matter of survival for us, rather than of luxury. A case of writer’s block for us means that we won’t be paying the rent or putting […]

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Romance readers will feel the love

Before the holidays,  I left you with a reporter’s questions about Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown. She wanted to know what sort of reader I think it will attract and why anyone who isn’t familiar with the erotica genre would want to read it . I’ll be honest, if people are turned […]

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Vancouver feature!

Pleased to announce a feature on Spank that appeared in the Vancouver Sun today. Thanks to Joanna Kossowska for taking the time to to explore the topic!

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Confession of a grateful writer

Writers are often asked who inspires them, what writers have most influenced them on their literary journey. The number of authors I admire and enjoy are  too numerous to list here, but I thought I might tell you about one writer who influenced the creation of Spank. That would be author and journalist Daphne Merkin, […]

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It all comes full circle…

This past week I was watching the news when I saw a clip of the flooding in Venice, which has left 70 percent of the city underwater. As I watched images of the water in St. Mark’s square reaching inhabitants’ thighs, my mind wandered to the annual Erotica Show that takes place every November in […]

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The reviews keep on coming!

Thanks to “Crafty Cauldron” for taking the time to review my book, and so glad you enjoyed it! Take a look at the review here.    

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How a flea beat out a fly in the race to erotic narration 125 years ago

Who hasn’t wished they could be a ‘fly on the wall’—nearly invisibly dropping in on a particularly juicy conversation or event? And what kind of event would be juicier than an erotic one? So when I was thinking of how best to recount the goings-ons in the court of Catherine de Medici—the 16th century Queen […]

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