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Early morning ritual always ends in making love

  (One of occasional extracts from my novel Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown) Pem Surjani settles over her husband’s knee with a small sigh of satisfaction. There is no hurry. He will keep her waiting. He always does. Time is on her side now. He places one hand on the small of […]

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All Aboard, Mind The Gap

My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, is the founder and first minister of a new religion, which she calls transportism, or possibly transportianity, she’s not sure yet. Perhaps she is awaiting divine intervention. Her epiphany came during a late night journey home from Pimlico to Blackheath involving the London Underground and two changes of […]

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Why Hamlet is in need of an upgrade

I am proud to report that out of hundreds of entries, I received an honourable mention in the CBC’s Shakespeare Selfie Challenge. The challenge was to write a soliloquy for a Shakespeare character set in modern times.  But firstly, my congratulations to the winner of the contest, Ruth Daniell for her poem Ophelia, Attending a […]

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Bending over backwards

In the latest case of life imitating art, Britain’s civil servants have been told to stop using meaningless jargon that only confuses people about what the Government is doing. While it may serve the public interest, no doubt the writers of such classics as Yes, Minister, and In the Thick of It will feel all […]

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Erotic Review, Reviews!

Honoured to be gracing the virtual pages of Erotic Review. Please stop by and read the review here.

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Of statues and symphonies…

 I have taken my show on the road, to Great Britain, land of my birth. I am spending the summer in Pimlico, in the City of Westminster, once home to Winston Churchill and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, among others. At Orange Square on the Pimlico Road, not far from the house where he wrote his first […]

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Why I’m looking for a miracle

Those of us who have made a living from writing—in my case for over fifty years—probably look at the craft a little differently from others. It’s usually been a matter of survival for us, rather than of luxury. A case of writer’s block for us means that we won’t be paying the rent or putting […]

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And now, let us join together in song

Spank features the joy of spanking as foreplay. And, as a daily newspaper  recently pointed out, “the reader begins to understand it, perhaps embrace it, and possibly want to try it.” Oh dear. Do try to restrain yourselves out there. However, in a week that has elected a new Pope, perhaps we should turn our […]

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Notes from the cheap seats…

Nothing seems important at 30,000 feet except the vague possibility of a safe landing after a flight lasting 14 hours. And maybe that’s why so many of us opt to bury ourselves in a book in order to wile away the time. Indeed, we devote a great deal of time and thought to choosing on […]

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A tweet that’s poetry to my ears

I think that I shall never find A tweet more sweetly writ than thine So thank you Reviewers from my heart Succinct and to the point thou art The heroine of my first novel is a poet; Catherine likes to preface each segment of her story with a stanza or two of her own verse. […]

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