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A bottom is bared for Catherine de Medici – a report by Fly on the Wall

(Being an occasional excerpt from  Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown)   By Fly on the Wall Now the evening’s entertainment proceeds to its historic conclusion. From among the serving wenches one is chosen by popular acclaim and indeed, through the perspective of four thousand lenses all of which have been evaluating the contenders, […]

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How a flea beat out a fly in the race to erotic narration 125 years ago

Who hasn’t wished they could be a ‘fly on the wall’—nearly invisibly dropping in on a particularly juicy conversation or event? And what kind of event would be juicier than an erotic one? So when I was thinking of how best to recount the goings-ons in the court of Catherine de Medici—the 16th century Queen […]

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