Praise for “Spank”

A spanking literature masterwork… a 24-carat gold nugget.

Even without the spanking content, this is a pretty good book with a great mix of happy and sad – just like life.  Then you add in the spanking and the result is outstanding.  I’m not sure if it is spanking seasoned with literature or literature seasoned with spanking, but either way, it is a feast. – Michael M,

“…an entertaining read possessing charm and a satisfyingly woven plot. The sex is rude, the romance romantic, the characters are vivid and the situations are often very funny. There’s the odd appealing lurch into Carry-On-farce territory with randy headmasters, camper vans, naughty lady JP’s and naked German tourists. Oh, and before I forget, let me tell you, the spanking is really quite hot… Daniels’ prose is fluid, with a nice sense of comedic timing. A felicitous debut novel.” –John D. Michaelis, Erotic Review. Read full review here.

“When I expressed my surprise about Spank to my wife, my surprise that spanking could be such an erotic turn on, her surprise was that I was surprised. Of course being spanked is a turn on she informed me. Perhaps reading this witty salacious book will change your life as it did mine. Even if it doesn’t change your life you will delight in the interwoven sex stories of a charming young sex obsessed school graduate with her terrific ass and a middle aged Englishman with a similar passion for the Spank. A wonderful contribution to the nascent genre of erotic fiction. Four Stars.” – William B. Davis, actor (X-Files) and author (Where There’s Smoke…Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man). 

“If the thought of spanking makes you tremble in your knickers, then this is the book for you. Widely encompassing many aspects of human sexuality, it is a joyful read that I will be reading again in the near future. My only hope is there will be another George adventure soon. 5 stars” -Dana19018 on Amazon.

“A gentler kink, but no less stinging, Daniels’  intelligence, cry out humour & exquisite detail is an intoxicating aphrodisiac.” tweeted by RonstarRB, Sydney, Australia

“In places extremely erotic…At other times the humour was pure slapstick and so amazingly funny. A sense of humour, and even the absurd, is sadly lacking in a lot of otherwise perfectly good erotica – but not in this one, by George !”  –Bob M

“After reading this book, I gained a higher appreciation of erotic discipline. The headmaster’s scene in the beginning captured my attention. The writing style, use of music, dialogue with the spanking made me smile from ear to ear.”  Four stars – Shantella Bonds, Goodreads

Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown is much different from most erotic romances I have ever read. The pages are filled with a wonderful story that begins in the past, showing us the backgrounds, and building momentum. Interlaced within those are lustful, toe curling erotic scenes that leave nothing to the imagination.

“Unashamedly sexy, taking the reader to places they may have not even imagined, and which they may blush recalling, it is also a novel that is deeply funny and smart with characters one can easily start to care about.” Joanna Kossowska, Vancouver Sun

“A wonderful read… In these politically correct times—wonder upon wonders—there suddenly appears a romping, whimsical, satirical, definitely politically incorrect, hilarious gem of writing. The author has courageously crafted a hysterical, or should that be, “historical,” journey through the ages, dealing with a subject most of us have thought about at one stage of our lives,  but never dared speak of except behind closed doors. Here is a refreshing, robust tale of humanity and love.” – Ashley Ford, journalist.
I don’t read a great deal of Erotica, but this book has more of a discovery theme throughout it than your basic Erotica books in the genre. Sure there are strong scenes of spanking, but I really liked the discovery of sex and erotica made by the lead character. It brings a different feel to a genre that is really full of blatant sex.If you are interested in some fun spanking stuff mixed with some great humorous scenes about sex, then this the book for you. – Rachel Sentes

“I read 50 novels a year, but I have never read anything like this. Some of the humor is Chauceresque and the writing is quite thrilling…A page turner.” – Kent Bruyneel, literary critic, founder and editor of Forget Magazine

“Literally and figuratively spanking new, this debut novel by a Canadian journalist is destined to become a classic of its genre. It’s wickedly erotic, funny and romantic.” -Nationwide News Service

Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown had a most unlikely hero, was hilariously funny, brilliant in its creativity and a story that I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. The caravan rolling down the hill, taking out the tent with the inflatable and then the court case that followed made me laugh until I cried. The novel George wrote called ‘Fly on the Wall’ made me wish it was a real novel to read next. What is will be the next adventure of George Aloysius Brown?  this is a wonderful funny erotic story that I was sorry to see end. Humorous erotica of this calibre is very hard to find; I hope the author keeps writing more of the same. 5 stars” – Jane Jones

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s funny, sexy and very erotic. Some of the love-making describes what every woman wants.” -Catherine Pawlovich, QC

“I loved it. It’s a great book to take on vacation. It’s a romp. It’s engaging. It kept my interest to the last page. ” -A.W., blogger and communications consultant

“I loved it. Several times I laughed out loud. You really start to care about the characters, what they feel and what they are going through, they seem so real. ” -J.H., student

“It’s a great read, sexy, funny and very entertaining.” -E.F., hospitality consultant

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