‘Ain’t nothing taste like pie

LONDON – I love pie.

I eat them all, from the fanciful four-and-twenty blackbirds, to the exotic crocodile, leek and potato; from the prosaic steak and ale, to the gourmet duck and fig.

NicePie_Squirrel1 You bake it, I’ll eat it – the gamier and bushier the better.

No one makes pies like the Brits, although there is no shortage of crusty competitors.

According to the UK website Pierate (http://www.pierate.co.uk), which has rated more than 400 pies since 2009, the Langkah Syabas Hotel in Borneo makes an Aussie Meat Pie.

Srewth! Don’t tell ‘em that in Wooloomooloo.

So imagine my delight when I learned of a new entry: Wild Squirrel in Red Wine Gravy Pie, made by a company called (what else?) Nice Pie.

Can’t wait to give it a go.

Pietrate gave it a 5.89 out of 7, which ranks it in 80th place on its pie chart. Its verdict: “…the pastry was good, held together well and when eaten with the lovely moist content was a very nice meal…”

A Daily Mail cartoon had the last laugh. “May contain nuts”, it cautioned.

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