Why kinky sex is good for your health

New medical research appears to indicate that people who enjoy so-called ‘kinky sex’ may be psychologically healthier than those who don’t.


According to the Huffington Post, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine surveyed 902 people who practice BDSM and 434 people who do not.  All were volunteers so the results may not be representative of the general population.

Participants were asked about their relationships, personalities, wellbeing and sensitivity to rejection.  None of them knew the purpose of the study.

The BDSM group scored better on certain indicators of mental health than the others group.According to the Huffington Post report they were found to be less neurotic, more open, more aware of and sensitive to rejection, more secure in their relationships and have better overall well-being.

Nobody asked the opinion of George Aloysius Brown, hero of my novel Spank, but perhaps they   should have. Readers will recall that George was a municipal civil servant, the quintessential    English gentleman and the epitome of respectability.

Q: Do you spank your wife?

A:  Absolutely. She loves to be spanked.  Under the circumstances, I’d be crazy not to.

Q: As a couple would you describe yourselves as ‘secure in your relationship?’

A: Let’s put it this way: we’ve never had a reason to call security.

Q: Sometimes she must reject your advances. How sensitive are you to rejection?  

A: She will say no first thing in the morning if she is already late for work.

Q: And you accept that?

A: Of course. But like all rational people, we are willing to think about it, discuss it, and consider all options. Invariably, during the course of our conversation, we jointly conclude that the matter at hand should be dealt with without further delay.

Q: Well, that fits in with the survey conclusion that couples who enjoy kinky sex tend to be more communicative.

A: Really? I can’t wait to tell my wife.’


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