A tweet that’s poetry to my ears

I think that I shall never find

A tweet more sweetly writ than thine

So thank you Reviewers from my heart

Succinct and to the point thou art

The heroine of my first novel is a poet; Catherine likes to preface each segment of her story with a stanza or two of her own verse. She writes in all poetic forms from haiku to limerick to the unashamedly romantic –  “hearing only the beating wings of angels” as her lover takes her in his arms.

I share her passion for poetry. Of all the literary disciplines, poetry is the most precise. It expresses the most using the least, and is capable of evoking intense emotions with a single word.

Poetry is a living, breathing art form that adapts and evolves to the social and cultural changes in the world around it. It’s current evolution can even been found in the twittersphere. Yep, I said it. Tweets can constitute a form of poetry. Granted, not all of it, of course. “OMG the Biebster is hot 2nite” is hardly the kind of prose that will move it into consideration for Pulitzer recognition. But there is some exquisite wordage being crafted out there within the confines of those 140 characters. My attention was called to such prose when I was recently tweeted this review: “@SpankTheNovel a gentler kink, but no less stinging, Daniels’ intelligence, cry out humour & exquisite detail is an intoxicating aphrodisiac.”

The world of twitter even helps you to craft tweets with greater poetic impact, just look at the algorithm created by Ranjit Bhatnagar that seeks out tweets with the most rhythmic and poetic qualities.

Perhaps my tweets may one day find themselves retweeted by @pentametron

Follow me at @spankthenovel and keep those 140 poetic gems coming!


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