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A tweet that’s poetry to my ears

I think that I shall never find A tweet more sweetly writ than thine So thank you Reviewers from my heart Succinct and to the point thou art The heroine of my first novel is a poet; Catherine likes to preface each segment of her story with a stanza or two of her own verse. […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Down Under

Here’s a lovely story to set the heart racing, cribbed from the Feb. 14 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. Under the headline “Love & Lust: it’s a chemical romance” the article tells how new studies show how “love is in the mind – a complex emotion triggered by 12 specific areas of the brain.” […]

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Making notes: From Bondi to the Blue Mosque

They say criminals often  return to the scene of the crime. Well, maybe authors do too. Why else am I standing in 27-degree  sunshine  on the promenade at Bondi  – Sydney’s iconic beach – watching the surf pound in along a kilometre of golden sand. Oh, I remember now. It’s mid-winter in Vancouver, where the […]

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Full Exposure

I was pleased to be able to spend some time over at the lovely Miss Bebe Balocca’s blog this week. An erotica author herself, Bebe does a wonderful job of helping spread the word about the genre and its authors. Thanks for having me, Bebe! You can read the blog here.

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Early Valentine’s Treat

I’m currently down-under, but I’m hearing it’s pretty darn cold back home in Canada. In an effort to send you a little bit of warmth, I’m offering Spank free through this Sunday, February 3rd. And don’t worry if you don’t have a kindle, you can still download the kindle app and read it on your computer. […]

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