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The joy of spanking; the terror of writer’s block

After a long career as a journalist  – more than 3 million published words – I can honestly say I have never suffered from writer’s block. As a daily newspaper reporter you simply cannot afford the luxury  – not with a deadline 30 minutes away and an editor yelling in your ear. Missing a deadline […]

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Why I’m looking for a miracle

Those of us who have made a living from writing—in my case for over fifty years—probably look at the craft a little differently from others. It’s usually been a matter of survival for us, rather than of luxury. A case of writer’s block for us means that we won’t be paying the rent or putting […]

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Writers do it anywhere, even on a toilet in Shanghai

The best thing about being a writer is that you can do it almost anywhere. All you need is a ballpoint pen and the back of an envelope and you are ready to go whenever inspiration strikes. You might just be recording an idea, or jotting down a snippet of dialogue. Or you might find […]

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