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Be very careful what you say

  As a Vancouver Sun reporter for more than 30 years you might think I would have no fear of being interviewed. Why then am I a gibbering wreck curled up in the fetal position at the very thought of being in the public spotlight. It’s because I know I will have little or no […]

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And now, let us join together in song

Spank features the joy of spanking as foreplay. And, as a daily newspaper  recently pointed out, “the reader begins to understand it, perhaps embrace it, and possibly want to try it.” Oh dear. Do try to restrain yourselves out there. However, in a week that has elected a new Pope, perhaps we should turn our […]

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Vancouver feature!

Pleased to announce a feature on Spank that appeared in the Vancouver Sun today. Thanks to Joanna Kossowska for taking the time to to explore the topic!

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