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How Cleopatra Seduced Her Masseur

(Being the first of occasional excerpts from my novel) “Better that you please me,” Cleopatra told him, matter-of-factly. “If you do not I can have you whipped?” “If whipping me should be your pleasure, Highness,” Seth replied, “I will bring you a lash for my back.” Cleopatra smiled inwardly. The boy has wit as well […]

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‘Ain’t nothing taste like pie

LONDON – I love pie. I eat them all, from the fanciful four-and-twenty blackbirds, to the exotic crocodile, leek and potato; from the prosaic steak and ale, to the gourmet duck and fig. You bake it, I’ll eat it – the gamier and bushier the better. No one makes pies like the Brits, although there […]

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Sorry mate, the Jesus guy got the toast

COSTA RICA – The reporter in me is constantly challenged by Twitter’s 140-character format. I feel like a limbo dancer as  the pole gets lower and lower. How much can be said in so few words? For example: can you write a travelog in fewer words than appear on a jar of marmalade? Let’s give […]

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The joy of spanking; the terror of writer’s block

After a long career as a journalist  – more than 3 million published words – I can honestly say I have never suffered from writer’s block. As a daily newspaper reporter you simply cannot afford the luxury  – not with a deadline 30 minutes away and an editor yelling in your ear. Missing a deadline […]

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Be very careful what you say

  As a Vancouver Sun reporter for more than 30 years you might think I would have no fear of being interviewed. Why then am I a gibbering wreck curled up in the fetal position at the very thought of being in the public spotlight. It’s because I know I will have little or no […]

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