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How poetry gets Catherine primed for a spanking

(Being an occasional excerpt from my novel Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown, in which Catherine goes punting on the River Cam) We have found ourselves in a grassy clearing secluded by mulberry bushes and elm trees where we lay out our blanket, the gentle swell of the river at our feet. It […]

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Catherine visits her lover (part 2)

(Being the fifth of occasional extracts from my novel)   It’s my turn to lead. I play with him, teasing him, letting the excitement build slowly. I am the hunter. He is the prey. He lies on his back and closes his eyes as my fingers prowl his body. I kneel at his side, running […]

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Catherine visits her lover on a Sunday afternoon

(Being the fourth of occasional excerpts from my novel)   Steed undresses while I watch. He removes his kit with that unassailable self-confidence that only truly beautiful people possess. Beneath his tan line his skin is pale, but his cock is almost black. I fight an urge to reach for it, take it in both […]

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Why Hamlet is in need of an upgrade

I am proud to report that out of hundreds of entries, I received an honourable mention in the CBC’s Shakespeare Selfie Challenge. The challenge was to write a soliloquy for a Shakespeare character set in modern times.  But firstly, my congratulations to the winner of the contest, Ruth Daniell for her poem Ophelia, Attending a […]

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Be very careful what you say

  As a Vancouver Sun reporter for more than 30 years you might think I would have no fear of being interviewed. Why then am I a gibbering wreck curled up in the fetal position at the very thought of being in the public spotlight. It’s because I know I will have little or no […]

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…and risqué letters

I left you a few weeks ago, dear readers, on Pimlico Road as I had just set out on my UK odyssey to bring the world of Spank to my fellow Brits. I realize, however, that if I really want to sell my novel here, I’d be better off to leave Pimlico and head north […]

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Full Exposure

I was pleased to be able to spend some time over at the lovely Miss Bebe Balocca’s blog this week. An erotica author herself, Bebe does a wonderful job of helping spread the word about the genre and its authors. Thanks for having me, Bebe! You can read the blog here.

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The pigeon-holing of erotica (and no, that’s not sexual)

It seems to be a flaw common to most of humanity—the desire to categorize and label absolutely everything we need come into contact with. If the world doesn’t have a clear classification scheme into which everything we encounter will fit, we just freak out! But it’s also one of the most frustrating things about being […]

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Sex Guide for sale, only 330 years old

Don’t you love it when history and fiction collide? I’ve talked before about my interest in erotica episodes in history, now along comes news of a historic tome entitled Aristotle’s Master-Piece. For 300 years,  it was a best-selling  sex manual for amateur midwives and young married couples. In the 18th century the book “became a […]

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Romance readers will feel the love

Before the holidays,  I left you with a reporter’s questions about Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown. She wanted to know what sort of reader I think it will attract and why anyone who isn’t familiar with the erotica genre would want to read it . I’ll be honest, if people are turned […]

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