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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I’m sure every new author dreams of scoring a book review in a big city daily newspaper. But for erotica writers that dream often seems less achievable. Right now, I have three prospects for just that and I’m very excited to see whether they come to fruition. But generally speaking, erotica, no matter how good […]

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Amazon and Writers Who Write…

This week, a controversial practice at Amazon HQ was brought to light by an author and blogger in the US.  It seems that officials at the world’s top online retailer of books has decided that authors are not permitted to post reviews—either positive or negative—of other authors. Yes, you read it correctly. Writers have been […]

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The reviews keep on coming!

Thanks to “Crafty Cauldron” for taking the time to review my book, and so glad you enjoyed it! Take a look at the review here.    

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