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“Have faith in your manuscript. Remember, The Great Gatsby was rejected 50 times.” – Kent Bruyneel, literary critic, editor of Forget Magazine.

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my website. I have a new book out ( as you may have noticed by the title of the website) and I’d love for you to consider purchasing it or just taking a look at the excerpts to see if it is something that you might be interested in reading and telling your friends about. Here is a little sample:

Chapter Two

Pem Surjani settles over her husband’s knee with a small sigh of satisfaction. There is no hurry. He will keep her waiting. He always does. Time is on her side now. He places one hand on the small of her back as if holding her captive and with the other he strokes her thighs and buttocks. She stretches luxuriously, arching her back for him. Nothing is said. Each has a part to play in the early morning drama now reaching its climax behind slatted wooden shutters. The anticipation is exquisite. Sensing he is about to begin, she reaches behind to hold him, her slender fingers closing gently around it. The heat, its animal hardness, causes her a sudden intake of breath. No matter how often he spanks her, it excites her as if it were the first time. She gasps and moves to the rhythm. When her buttocks are red and stinging she straddles him and they make love. It always ends in making love. Afterwards, for a long sweet while they lay together hand-in-hand, utterly consumed. Then she showers, dresses, makes a hurried phone call to the medical clinic where she is manager of patient services and propels herself into the city’s morning commute. For his part, George Aloysius Brown pours himself a cup of tea and settles back into bed with his copy of The Times. 

“In America in 1936, Mrs. Dorothy Spencer published her famous Spencer Spanking Plan, said to be an aid to marital bliss. It clearly defined when a man could spank his wife and when a woman could whip her husband. Very detailed it was too, requiring that Mrs. Spencer’s rules and regulations were observed to the letter. Women were spanked, but never whipped, whereas husbands were whipped by their wives.  One leather goods store reportedly sold 297 whips the day after it was published and until the 1950s whips and paddles had their own section in the New York Yellow Pages. Imagine that. It must have done some good, during this period the divorce rate fell 37 percent.””

I hope that you come back regularly to visit and please drop me a comment or an email if you have any questions about the book.

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June Allyson and Van Johnson in Too Young to Kiss- 1951

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