Catherine visits her lover on a Sunday afternoon

(Being the fourth of occasional excerpts from my novel)


Steed undresses while I watch. He removes his kit with that unassailable self-confidence that only truly beautiful people possess. Beneath his tan line his skin is pale, but his cock is almost black. I fight an urge to reach for it, take it in both hands, feel its softness, suck it to life, pull back the skin, uncover the smooth purple head of it, but he is making the moves, remember? 11

He kisses my eyelids, unzips my jeans and pulls them to my ankles. I put my hands on his shoulders and step out of them. Taking his sweet time he unbuttons and removes my blouse then turns me and unhooks my bra. Kneeling at my heels he pulls down my panties and kisses me on each cheek. When he turns me again, he is erect, his cock a shade lighter than before, the skin stretched and shiny. The head reaches almost to his navel. I grow tense then limp as he scoops me in his arms and carries me to bed.

An hour passes maybe more or maybe time stands still. He kisses my lips my chin the tip of my nose his tongue finds my ears my breasts feeling their fullness his lips close around my nipples until they harden and I moan with pleasure; I am his prisoner and it’s total surrender; I stretch out like a cat curling my toes for the sheer joy of being. I close my eyes and feel his tongue tracing circles on my stomach finding my navel probing it; he spreads my legs kneeling between them and I am in heaven hearing only the beating wings of angels…

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