Catherine visits a wheelchair dominatrix

(Being the third of occasional excerpts from my novel)

By this time, although the beauty of her work was impressive, I find my thoughts drifting to the rattan, the business end of the product. I remember how it felt to wield it, the empowerment, the swishing sound it makes through the air. I felt suddenly aroused.13 - 1-2


“Yes, dear.”

No turning back now. “I’ve been thinking. It might help the creative process if I sample the merchandise, after all. What do you think?” I blurt this out before I can change my mind. The truth is that at that moment I desperately wanted it.

“I was kind of wondering what took you so long.”

She wheels her chair to her work bench. “These are my most recent creations, oiled and ready to go. Choose one that you like and present it to me. It’s yours to take with you when you leave.”

Trembling with excitement, I did as she bid, selecting the one with the silver bells. As instructed I hand it to her. She flexes it carefully. I can’t take my eyes off it.

“See that cupboard over there? Behind those doors is a wooden horse clad in antique leather, the kind you probably remember from your school gymnasium. Bring it out for me, sweetie, if you please, and place it in the centre of the room.”

Barely breathing, I do as I am told, already moist with anticipation. The horse has two semi-circular rings set into the top of it about three feet apart.

“Now, remove your skirt and panties and bend over the horse between the rings.”

I feel a tremor of fear as I do so. When I am blindfolded and precisely positioned as instructed, legs slightly apart, she binds my ankles and wrists with leather restraints. I can no longer see or move. Scarlett whistles appreciatively. “That’s the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time, a worthy canvas for the master craftswoman.” Lightly, she runs her fingers over my buttocks. Her hands are soft and sensuous. Seconds pass in darkness and silence. And then I hear the sound of tiny bells…

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