The tweet that grew up to be a blog

There will never be peace on earth until people everywhere buy into the concept. Imagine the billboards: “Billions and Billions Sold.”

I tweeted this on Christmas Eve. Nobody cared.

¬†Everybody else in the Twittersphere seemed more interested in promoting themselves or their product. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But what if the product is peace. What if you could buy it at Walmart or McDonald’s? Maybe if you could attach a dollar value to it, people would actually want it.

And then maybe if we all bought it, peace would prevail in the world.

I know. It’s a ridiculous thought isn’t it? I should give my head a shake.

Yet I’m old enough to remember when McDonald’s sold hamburgers in the thousands.

Back then the McDonald’s people kept a running tally of sales outside their restaurants across North America. You could follow along. Thousands became millions and millions became billions until no one kept count any more.

If hamburgers can be  promoted this way around the world, why not the concept of world peace? Why cannot the hunger to live  life without killing, fear and despair, spread around the world?

John Lennon and his wife Yoko had it right: Give Peace A Chance.





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