When tweeting is definitely not cricket

A maharaja in Imperial India was once asked if he enjoyed cricket.

I love cricket, he said.

But when he was asked if he played cricket, his answer was,  “Of course not. I employ other people to play it for me.”

While this story is almost certainly apocryphal, it brought to mind my relationship with Twitter. Although I have had an account for more than a year I had never actually tweeted because others did it on my behalf.

Now I am obliged to learn what  tweeting is all about and even (horror) to tweet myself.

Oh dear. I have never read such a compendium of banality, such an anthology of asininities. And those are just my tweets.

It seems to me that it is the technological equivalent of scrawling graffiti on a wall.

Computer technology has made it possible for millions of people to entertain millions of other people with the  minutiae of their lives.

While there is some  is evidence that twitter has started revolutions, even brought down tyrannical governments,   most of what is posted might be better left unsaid.

And so  I bid you all a tweet farewell.

It seems like the decent thing to do.


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