70,000 reasons to be proud of the USA

PALM SPRINGS, Ca – Seventy thousand gays can’t be wrong.

Last weekend’s Gay Pride parade here down one of the prettiest streets in America was a joy to behold.

Such pride! Such spontaneity! Such a feeling of family, of people who genuinely care about one another.

Normally I avoid crowds and public demonstrations. There’s often a sense of uneasiness, an undercurrent of potential violence,a nagging fear that y0u might get caught up in situation beyond your control.

But with gay people there is none of that. Or none that I could see. Here among the palm trees under brilliant blue skies, there was only optimism; a celebration of decent people who find joy and happiness with one another.

This is America as it should be, as it used to be, as it wants to be again.

I don’t know if gay people read erotic literature outside their own particular genre, ¬†but I hope they do. A relative who is gay bought my book and enjoyed it enormously, or so he told me. He paid his money and I have no reason to doubt him.

Spanking as love play between consenting adults transcends age,  sexual orientation or gender.

I saw a lot of hugging among the couples, friends, and family groups who lined Palm Canyon Drive last Sunday.

“Support the troops – Bring them home,” said one banner proudly paraded by Veterans for Peace. They were loudly cheered.

It was wonderful to witness such a public display of affection.





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