…and risqué letters

I left you a few weeks ago, dear readers, on Pimlico Road as I had just set out on my UK odyssey to bring the world of Spank to my fellow Brits. I realize, however, that if I really want to sell my novel here, I’d be better off to leave Pimlico and head north to the old Roman town of Doncaster (population 68,000), in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

According to a recently-released survey by Amazon UK, Doncaster is the UK’s most well-read city because of its “high consumption rates of romantic fiction and erotica.” What is it about Doncaster, I wonder, that makes it such a hotbed (pun intended) for literary arts of an erotic nature? It would seem that perhaps the city’s main claims to fame being a racecourse and the Doncaster Rover might have something might led its populace to seek out more exciting entertainment outlets.

Meanwhile, in related news, the national newspapers were buzzing the other week over the publication of wartime love letters, written between surgeon Brian Thomas and nurse Katie Walker as they waited to be reunited at the end of the Second World War.

The stack of 300 faded letters found hidden in a chest of drawers, were full of endearments and promises of love, sprinkled with declarations of a more risqué nature.

Have a read of how Katie describes her mood, living without her love:

“Darling one,” she wrote. “It’s just as well you are not here as you would probably have to spank me hard—but what a heavenly spanking!”

The papers were all over it. The headline of the Daily Mail trumpeted:  “Forties shades of grey in the saucy love letters of wartime sweethearts.”

One can only imagine what they thought in Doncaster!


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