Of statues and symphonies…

 I have taken my show on the road, to Great Britain, land of my birth. I am spending the summer in Pimlico, in the City of Westminster, once home to Winston Churchill and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, among others.

At Orange Square on the Pimlico Road, not far from the house where he wrote his first symphony at age nine, there is a charming statue of the boy prodigy playing his violin.

It’s also where George Aloysius Brown lived and could sometimes be seen on the top deck of the No. 24 bus journeying from Pimlico to Hampstead Heath. Each time the bus trundled past the Houses of Parliament, George always doffed his bowler hat to the statue of Churchill.

I have a dual purpose in returning to my native land; I’m also working on promoting my book to fellow Brits. After all, Britain is described by GQ Magazine as “topping the global charts” in its fascination with erotic discipline.

Reports GQ: “Spanking is not only a fabulous act of transgression, of dominance and submission, of skill and style (involving any number of beautifully finished accessories); done right, it also confers a singularly mind-blowing sexual ecstasy…”

Well, then, that’s all right, isn’t it? But more later on my British odyssey into the erotic…

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