Why I’m looking for a miracle


Those of us who have made a living from writing—in my case for over fifty
years—probably look at the craft a little differently from others. It’s usually been
a matter of survival for us, rather than of luxury. A case of writer’s block for us
means that we won’t be paying the rent or putting food on the table.  

However, there is one luxury still remaining: we have the right to change our minds. 

In my case, I have chosen not to write a sequel to Spank. 

Despite the positive feedback I’ve received, and requests from readers for more
accounts of Mr. Brown and Ms. Jones’ adventures I have decided to move on from the
wonderful world of erotica, to something more esoteric. 

If you want to read more about ‘the joy of spanking’, you will get no more on the
subject from me! 

So what will my next book be about? Well, my next book will be about a miracle (or,
as my dear wife tells me, not unkindly: “it will be a miracle if you ever write

But write it I will, because I love a challenge. 

While there will be no more adventures in erotica, I will be embarking on my own
adventure: this time I am going to take a more disciplined approach.  I have set
myself a target, a deadline, 1,000 words a day for 100 days over  the next 12 months
to get the outline written. I hope to be able to give it the life, colour, laughter,
and quality of prose it deserves in the year or two after that.

Will I meet my target? Will I crash and burn? Well, stay tuned to this blog to find
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