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I’m sure every new author dreams of scoring a book review in a big city daily newspaper.

But for erotica writers that dream often seems less achievable. Right now, I have three prospects for just that and I’m very excited to see whether they come to fruition. But generally speaking, erotica, no matter how good it is, is not typically featured in the mainstream media book pages.

However, recently my hometown newspaper published a feature entitled “Fifty Shades of Desire: The ubiquitous book that has thrust the covers off unrest in the bedroom.” And in a recent interview by the same paper, a book reviewer asked me this question: “Has the success of 50 Shades paved the way for a more open discussion of erotic subjects?”

I responded, “It tells me that there is a pent-up desire to explore alternative forms of sexual expression in a safe way.” And that’s one of the most positive things I’ve observed with all of the ’50 shades’-mania. People are opening up a dialogue on sexual matters once considered taboo. I think it’s important that as adults, we realize that there’s no shame in not only being open about sexual matters, but in having fun when doing so as well.

I was also asked about who my target audience is for the book, given my somewhat ‘suggestive’ title. I’ll give you some insight into that next week, the answer might surprise you!

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