Confession of a grateful writer

Writers are often asked who inspires them, what writers have most influenced them on their literary journey. The number of authors I admire and enjoy are  too numerous to list here, but I thought I might tell you about one writer who influenced the creation of Spank.

That would be author and journalist Daphne Merkin, whose essay Spanking: A Romance caused a sensation when it was published in The New Yorker.  In it, she described the first time she had been spanked:

“I had fantasized about this event for so long that in the back of my mind there had always lurked the fear that its gratification would prove disappointing. I need not have worried. The reality of spanking, at least initially, was as good as the dream. ” 

Her story – and the courage it took to tell it – fascinated me.  So much so that I  had the fictional heroine of my first novel, Catherine Mallory Jones, read Daphne’s essay as she thumbs through a stack of old magazines in her dentist’s waiting room.

For her, it was the first time she realized she was not alone in her desires – and the revelation changed her life. For me, it was an inspiration to pursue the theme of spanking as a precursor to making love.

Daphne’s essay was re-released several years ago as part of a collection of her work entitled Dreaming of Hitler, which I borrowed from my local library. It was to be the last book I would read for three years.

To be continued…

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