Musings of a soccer Mom on erotica

I now have ten reviews for my book on Amazon. I consider it a milestone of sorts; it really excites me to read what other people think about my creation. There’s nothing like the judgment of strangers to get the heart racing!

Anyone who puts their work in the public eye would probably say the same thing. When you open yourself up for critique you’re usually hoping for positive feedback or, at the very least, a truthful expression of honestly held views.

What’s delighted me with the Amazon reviews were that they came from an entirely unexpected demographic. After all, erotica, no matter how it’s written, is not going to appeal to everyone. So imagine my delight when my book was recommended by a blogger calling herself Genuine Jenn.

According to her website, Jenn is a soccer mom married to her highschool sweetheart, a mother of two, and a health care worker who normally blogs on motherhood and family matters.

“If you are not comfortable with reading erotica with BDSM you will not want to pick up this book,” she told her readers. “If you are open to it, I am sure you will enjoy Spank. This is a different side of BDSM and talks about spanking not in the abusive way, but in a loving manner. With two individuals who spank before making love.”

Jenn goes on to say that “this has been a different book for myself to read, but I have enjoyed stepping out of my regular books to give this one a try and enjoyed it.”

Another review came from Emma, who describes herself as a “tattooed, stay at home wife and mom of two.”

Emma wrote:  “What a great book!…There is quite a different view on S&M and spanking than most erotic books or movies will show or tell you…It’s all about love and togetherness for George and his late wife, Pem, and most of the other characters.”

I admire both Emma and Jenn for taking a chance on something new, and having the courage to admit not only to reading it, but enjoying it as well!

It’s never an easy thing to open yourself up for criticism. And I’ll admit, the fact that reviews are so readily available and indelibly inked on the web can make venturing down that path even more nerve-wracking. But I’ve come to find it a truly positive affair, and am really enjoying viewing it as a window on my own writing. So keep them coming. If you’ve read Spank, please take the time to post your review. And if you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy while you’re over at Amazon.

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