Sex and humour: it’s all about the delivery!

After a lengthy career in daily newspaper journalism, Spank is my first novel. I had a lot of fun researching and writing it.

I describe SPank as an ‘erotic comedy’ and so far, critics say it has generous amounts of both. So naturally some of my readers have been asking me: “Which is more difficult to write, sex or humor?”

As I was thinking about that question, I came across this piece in the Globe and Mail talking about the recent trend of combining sex and humour in writing.

Obviously I’m not writing quite the same kinds of books as Blomquist and Schaal, but I think a lot of the points raised in the piece are spot on. It’s a tightrope walk whenever you take the bold step of writing about sex or humour, let alone combining the two!

Each genre is fraught with danger. Screw up with either element, and you’ll be a laughing stock.

But ultimately the clearest answer is that they’re equally difficult. Because in both genres, timing is everything!

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